Twitter, posts can be bought and become NFTs

Posts on Twitter become NFT. This is what Cent, a social media company that launched Valuables, has created.

Thanks to this platform, users can literally buy tweets, paying for them with Ethereum. Valuables already has a volume of over $150,000.

Cent had already made a name for itself by enabling Ethereum transfers between users of its social network.

This time he has done more: he has made it possible for there to be offers to buy tweets produced, which are in fact tokenized by becoming NFTs.

How NFTs work on Twitter
According to Voice, the social network based on the EOS blockchain, the original idea was to create „tradable“ posts. It was supposed to be just another function of Cent, to increase engagement on the platform, creating a market that wasn’t there before.

The operation is simple: a browser such as Google Chrome or Brave, with an extension for the Metamask wallet, must be used, or it can be done via the Metamask app and Coinbase wallet in their internal browser.

The user via Valuable has to paste the link to the tweet he wants to buy and make his offer. The author must accept it. After the transaction, strictly in Ethereum, a certificate of ownership is issued on the Matic blockchain. The tweet never leaves Twitter.

The creators of this system, Matthew and Cameron from Cent, are aware that the transformation of Twitter into a large NFT marketplace is currently not a breakthrough for either the economy or the crypto ecosystem. It is mostly a game, something to pass the time.

They speculate, for example, that one day they might make an offer to Elon Musk to buy one of his tweets.

„I think he would laugh if he saw the offer tweet and for no other reason. It’s a bit weird, I suppose, but my gut tells me that if I’m having so much fun with this concept, it’s worth picking up (to some extent) just for that reason.“

After all, they say, part of the crypto world is based on memes, and in this sense the case of Dogecoin is emblematic.

The ambition, however, goes out of the context of the game:

„If it works, it could end up doing something really remarkable. I’m going to be watching this closely, because if we start to see Twitter users provide a real value stream to meme-makers and curators, we could soon see Valuables start to take over all of today’s social media platforms and add an agnostic layer to the pile of technology we use to interact with each of them. How? By simply allowing people to pay creators to create things they like, wherever they are.“

It’s something that is bound to broaden the debate over social media platforms, which have been called into question since Donald Trump’s unilateral ban on accounts.